Services and Cost

Still Point Medical offers two options for membership (GRT additional). Both options include 24/7/365 access.

Please note that effective 01/01/2020 Still Point will not accept credit or debit cards.

WELLNESS: $120/month 
All medical services except Osteopathic, Cranial, trigger point, and controlled substance prescriptions.

PAY PER SERVICE: $100 Annual Fee
Plus pay for each medical service (as below; GRT additional).

Osteopathic Therapy:  $60
Cranial Sacral Therapy: $60
Trigger Point Injection: $60
Trigger Point with Steroid: $75

Consultation: $60
Consultation Extended (over one hour): $120

Prescription Refills (without consultation): $25
Prescriptions Controlled (not opiates): $75

ECG and Interpretation: $125
Nebulizer treatment: $40
Rapid Strep: $20
Urinalysis/Dipstick: $20
Letter (Medical) or Form Completion: $60
Biopsy: $60
Medico-Legal Report: $300

Price list effective June 1, 2019

A signed Physician-Patient Agreement document, waiver, informed consent, Medicare Opt-out, and completed, approved Application Form and payment is required before any physician-patient relationship is established or implied.

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