Services and Cost

Still Point Medical offers three options for membership (GRT not included). All three options include 24/7/365 access.

  1. ULTRA WELLNESS: $150/month
    All medical services.
  2. WELLNESS: $100/month
    All medical services except Osteopathic and Cranial Sacral services, and controlled substance prescriptions.
  3. PAY PER SERVICE: $100 Annual Fee
    Pay for each medical service (as below).

FEE LIST WEB 05-28-2018

Prospective patients are invited to submit an application form. Given the unconventional approach of the practice, submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance as a patient.

A signed Physician-Patient Agreement document, waiver, informed consent, Medicare Opt-out, and completed, approved Application Form and payment is required before any physician-patient relationship is established or implied.

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