Medicine. Done Really Differently.

One of our patients commented the other day about an aspect of Still Point we’d like to share: the privacy and confidentiality of Still Point. “It is so different,” our patient said, “than any other medical practice.”   Sometimes, people are surprised when they see Still Point. It is so different from what they expect — everything fromContinue reading “Medicine. Done Really Differently.”

The Worried Well … and Worse Than Nothing

Kaiser Health News is allegedly an “editorially independent program” of the Kaiser Family Foundation and is not, apparently, affiliated with the health insurance company Kaiser Permanente, despite the similarity in name. One of the organization’s goals is to provide “trusted information on national health issues.” Trusted? Two recent articles published by writers from Kaiser HealthContinue reading “The Worried Well … and Worse Than Nothing”

Doctors Go Retro for Adult Autism

There’s a new hashtag, and it’s one a long time coming: #autisticadultsmatter. Autistic adults are frequently part of the “lost generation,” so-called because adults on the autism spectrum do not receive the same levels of support or interest as their child counterparts. Using the comparison “counterpart” in itself is also not accurate. Autistic adults, givenContinue reading “Doctors Go Retro for Adult Autism”

Embracing the Not So Normal

“Autistic children grow up to be autistic adults. Our society doesn’t give them the support they need.” So says Sarah Carr in her article about employment on the autism spectrum. Carr’s words carry a worrying truth. For many “on the spectrum,” employment is a tactical minefield. Work is especially a challenge for the “high-functioning” autisticContinue reading “Embracing the Not So Normal”

Math Challenged? Not For This Health Care!

Health insurance premiums are set to rise by double-digits, with some as or more expensive than a mortgage payment. That’s the bad news according to Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar’s AP September 9, 2017 article, “Millions Who Buy Health Insurance Brace for Sharp Increases.” And, the people it’s most likely to affect are those who, it seems, areContinue reading “Math Challenged? Not For This Health Care!”

Access: Why People Are Choosing Direct Medical Care

Increasingly, people are choosing Direct Care practices for their health care needs. Why is this? What is a Direct Care practice? And, why are so many people choosing it? While there are many reasons people are choosing direct care practices as an alternative to the mainstream insurance/third-party payer family practice clinic, one of the main ones can beContinue reading “Access: Why People Are Choosing Direct Medical Care”