About Direct Care

What is Direct Care medicine?

Direct Care medicine is a different way of practicing medicine. It’s a lot like the way it used to be. It’s called “Direct” care because there is a direct relationship between you as the patient and your doctor. There is no insurance and no corporate medical model. You pay a membership fee and this opens the door to your doctor 24/7/365.

Because the practice is so small, you receive individualized care. Your doctor has time to listen and respond to your health care needs and concerns.

You can set same-day or next-day appointments. You can also talk with you doctor by phone, email, text, or even Skype or Duo.

Is Direct Care Right For You? The answer is yes, if

  • You want to be asked “how can we help,” not “what’s your insurance?”
  • You want to see your doctor the same day or the next day;
  • You want a doctor who has time to listen to you;
  • You want to know exactly what your medical expenses will be up front; and
  • Privacy, discretion, and individualized attention are important to you.

Do You Still Need Insurance?

Yes. Direct Care is not insurance and does not substitute for it. Many Direct Care patients save on health premiums by choosing a high-deductible insurance plan for catastrophic health care and supplement day-to-tday medical care with Direct Care services.